International dinner etiquette infographic

The vast majority of business transactions take place in offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms around the world. But leading up to those business transactions are many micro business interactions - ones that often take place in more informal settings. 

One such informal setting is that of the business dinner, a universal tradition of extending business talks to a more informal environment.

Hosting or attending a business dinner may be fairly simple in your own county but attending one overseas could be a very different story.

Unfamiliar surroundings mixed with cultural differences can lead to simple misunderstandings that can easily offend or upset, and ultimately diminish business relationships.

But avoiding offending your dinner guests when travelling on business needn't be difficult. This infographic, put together by Principal Hayley Hotels, highlights the major differences in "business dinner etiquette" in 13 different countries.

Please bear in mind this infographic prompts the areas you need to research more fully: cultural differences are much more nuanced, region-specific and unexpected than could be summed up in a single infographic.



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