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Win with China

Hot on the heels of Jenny Plaister-Ten's new book on coaching across cultures comes Maiqi Ma's excellent view on doing business with China - Win with China Volume 1 – Acclimatisation for Mutual Success Doing Business with China.

Available on Amazon this is Maiqi's first English language book and has been very well received:

"This little book packs a real punch. It blends lots of good practical advice about how to do business in China with an explanation of how to understand the culture and deal with individuals"John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape Global.

This “bite-size” book lives up to its genre. It gives you bite-size, digestible information on starting and doing business with China and its key message can be summarized in one sentence from Chapter 5: "Managing a [business] relationship is like managing a marriage." If you pay close attention to this analogy, you…

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The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope

Jenny Plaister-Ten is a director of the OIBC and has 25 years of international marketing and business development experience, currently as Director of 10 Consulting Ltd, she works with leaders and their teams to develop international business and intercultural effectiveness.

Here Jenny talks about her recently launched book, hailed as "the most significant text in the field of intercultural coaching for a decade".


"My book, The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope, was written over a period of four years, in a pre-Brexit world. This called for an increase in cultural understanding, thanks to the forces of globalisation, increased mobility and the impact of technology, bringing about multi-cultural societies and new ways of working.

"Little could I have imagined that as the book gets launched, ‘hate crimes’ in the UK would have risen by forty-two per cent compared with the same period last year, and my own (‘foreign’) husband…

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Tomorrow’s Company, the independent non-profit think tank which inspires and enables businesses to be a force for good in society, has produced the following nine steps, and an accompanying report, for businesses to take to restore trust and grow the economy.

Mark Goyder, CEO & Founder of Tomorrow’s Company, says:

"Whether you were for leave or remain, the result of the referendum is a wake-up call for business and political elites. Business lost its voice in the debate because people sensed that the system is not working for them. This creates a greater need and opportunity for business to be a force for good in society.

"In the months following the referendum we have been working with our community to look at the opportunities for business to lead post Brexit and would like to thank all our members who have contributed."

Tomorrow's Company…

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International dinner etiquette infographic

The vast majority of business transactions take place in offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms around the world. But leading up to those business transactions are many micro business interactions - ones that often take place in more informal settings. 

One such informal setting is that of the business dinner, a universal tradition of extending business talks to a more informal environment.

Hosting or attending a business dinner may be fairly simple in your own county but attending one overseas could be a very different story.

Unfamiliar surroundings mixed with cultural differences can lead to simple misunderstandings that can easily offend or upset, and ultimately diminish business relationships.

But avoiding offending your dinner guests when travelling on business needn't be difficult. This infographic, put together by Principal Hayley Hotels, highlights the major differences in "business dinner etiquette" in 13 different…

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